Hi Everyone,

What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?  Do you have a special memory from growing up?  Or are you beginning to make memories that your children will reflect on in the years to come? 

One of my favorite memories of Thanksgiving happened when I was in college.  I went to a friend’s house in Menomonee, WI.  It was snowing outside on that Thanksgiving Eve.  The flakes from became beautiful shapes and sizes as they fell from the heavens and became visible in the porch light.  Having grown up in the desert southwest – this was too cool.

But the memory of that Thanksgiving that I remember even more vividly and with awe happened the next morning in worship.  The typical hymns were sung:  Now Thank We All our God and God Bless our Native Land among them.  The message and special prayer were given.  Then it was our turn to walk individually or as a family up to the altar and offer up a portion of what God had given to us.  How exciting it was to go and give back to God and realize that God was allowing each of us to be involved in his ministry.  How encouraging it was to sit and watch fellow Christ-followers fall into line and communicate their thanks to God in a tangible way!  That was amazing – seeing God’s people loving God and in effect saying, “I’m all in God.  I love you.  I serve you.  You are my all in all.” 

It’s my prayer that this Thanksgiving we will be “all in” and truly comprehend that Jesus is our all in all.

Thank God for you and all you do in His name!  See you in the living room!


Paul Burrie