Congratulations and Calling!


Congratulations and God's blessings to the graduates of 2009! You made it and we are proud of you.

Do you have a summer job yet? Imagine that your summer job start next Monday at 8 am. Your boss has telephoned you and asked you to arrive about 15 minutes early so that you can fill out some paper work. As you are talking with your boss, she lets you in on some bad news. She says, "When we hired you, we thought we would have a full summer's worth of work for you but it looks like we only have a bout a month. So I'll give you three options:

  1. I'll help you try to find another job, but there are no promises.
  2. I'll pay you a $1,000 a week for the four plus weeks that you work here. (That's not bad for a summer job, especially one where you only work a month!)
  3. You can work for a penny a day that doubles every day for the 30 days that you work for us.

No brain-er right. No brain-er that is if you picked the penny a day doubled every day. If you chose that method of payment, you would be a millionaire 5 times over at the end of the month. Cool.

Our calling in life, however, is not to make the most money that we can. That is not necessarily a bad thing, it is just not our calling. Have you ever struggled over what you are called to do? Most of us do. In fact there is more than just a little bit of angst when we are trying to determine what we are supposed to do.

Our calling is to be like Christ, to be filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. We are to be like Christ whether we are at home, in the neighborhood out on a walk, at the park, at the game, at church, in the office or wherever. Our world is calling out to us to "Give me Jesus!" So let's live up to our God given calling a let people know we are Christians by our love, the love that God gave to us and the love that God wants us to share.

Memorial Day Weekend is up next. Remember in your prayers those who have lost so much so that we could enjoy so much (and this of course includes not only our military families but also Jesus)!

I will be in Eau Claire for the next couple of days for the Campus Ministry Rally. Pretty exciting stuff as college students and I learn more about how to Walk Like Christ.
The two ministry committees began their work this past Sunday. We pray that through your work we will all be better positioned to love God and to love the world!
God's blessings this summer. Be sure to check out to keep informed of all the things that are happening at The Point.


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