Plans for this week?!


Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Holy Week is a time of dreams (ok, God’s plans -even better) fulfilled. Somewhere in eternity God had a (dream) plan to be punished in place of the guilty, to set free the slaves, to redeem the unredeemable, to forgive the unforgivable and to love the unlovable, to die for those who deserved to die. Only God, right?!

That is all pious enough until I realize that I am the guilty, the slave, the unredeemable, the unforgivable, the unlovable the one who deserved die to eternally. Then, these truths make me perk up. Truths without application lead to ignorance at best and at worst a dead faith which is no faith at all.

During Holy Week two thousand years ago, people were preparing for the Passover, mini-vacations, big meals, family time. It was the a time of excitement and at the same time a time for the usual - been there, done that routine.

How is your week setting up? Big plans for the weekend end? The usual Easter fare perhaps?

I want you to know that what we Christians celebrate this week is anything but usual. In fact it is so unusual, that this is an “only God” week. Is your heart pumping a little faster now? This is an “only God” week.

Only God could in some mysterious/miraculous way give us his body and blood together with the bread and the wine. Only God would sacrifice his body and blood on the cross to set free the guilty, redeem the unredeemable, forgive the unforgivable, to show his love for the unlovable. Only God could mock death by becoming alive again!

Don’t’ get lulled into the same old, same old. This week is anything but usual. This week is anything but been there, done that. This week changes everything.

Searching for an Easter basket, as old as you are - it’s called forgiveness fresh and new all the time. Looking for an Easter dress or suit - it’s called Jesus’ robe of righteousness just for you. Wondering what the table is going to look like - it’s called a wedding banquet. Only God!

Friends, don't miss anything these next few days. Don't miss private promptings from God regarding what He wants you to reflect on this Holy Week. Don't miss a single opportunity to ask additional friends and family to come with you to the worship. Don't miss the sharing moments with friends, roommates and associates that this season affords.

March Madness continues Thursday at 6:30 pm with Jesus offering up his body and blood with the bread and the wine as he institutes the Lord’s Supper. Good Friday at 6:30 pm, the madness continues, as the people ask for the son of the father to be released instead of the Son of the Father. And then on Easter, the day that Jesus left the tomb empty, don’t leave your body or soul empty: Easter breakfast 9 am and worship at 10:30 am and 6:30 pm.

See you in the living room! Deal?!



Paul Burrie