The Cross is Off


The cross is no longer decorating the front of The Point of Grace. It was very difficult to see it anyway hiding behind the tree. And when I did see it, it was (in my opinion) a rather ugly color.

The cross is gone because it was weakening at the connection points to the building. So instead of having the cross fall on someone, the Leadership Team decided it needed to come down.

The cross on which Jesus died is no longer standing either. No one knows where it is at. But the truth of what happened on the cross of Christ will never change - all sins paid for in full by God’s Son our Savior, Jesus Christ.

The cross of Christ is empty and so is the tomb. We do not believe in and worship a dead Jesus but a Jesus who is alive! A Jesus who is in our very lives orchestrating everything for the good (whether we see it or understand it at the time or not). Jesus reigns over all. Jesus was and is and always will be in our lives as our God and Savior.

So while the cross may be off the front of the building, Christ crucified will still be the cornerstone of our teaching and our lives. God’s love is a constant in our ever changing world.

P.S. Just so you know: The plan is to one day put up a new cross.


Paul Burrie