Reading the Bible is a process


Reading the Bible

Have you ever noticed how we can read a chapter in a good book that is like 17 pages but it is hard to read a chapter in the Good Book (Bible) that is like 17 verses?  I have.

Another thing I have noticed in the last couple of months, I can read a few chapters of the bible at a time but there is so much there that it is hard to remember it all just seconds after I read it.  Oh, there were plenty of “that’s cool,” and “only God,” times.  And maybe that’s it.  Maybe we need to read the Bible less in quantity and more in quality.

Try this on for size, “The Seven Minute Devotion.”  Pray for two minutes asking that God would open your heart and your mind and your life to his life giving word that you are about to read.  Then spend five minutes today reading just one chapter of the Bible, like 1 Peter 1.  And then tomorrow do the same thing.  And then the next day do the same thing. 

I think you will be surprised at how much this adds to your life.  You don’t have to feel guilty about not reading a large portion of scripture.  You don’t have to have feel guilty because you can’t remember everything you read. 

Reading the Bible is process not a destination.  It is encountering God not just words on a page.  So take your time and enjoy your Savior God!

Paul Burrie