Little Big Steps


Have you ever played the game “Captain May I”?  We play it around the house from time to time and of course one of the things the captain will say is “Adam… take 3 Big Steps (captain may I?), yes you may”.  Abby, take 2 little steps (Captain May I?), yes you may…” and so on.  This idea of Big Steps is something that I’ve been thinking a bit about lately so here’s a thought -let me know what you think.

When it comes to matters of life and especially the Christian walk, ideally there are no BIG steps.  If we do it right, there are really only a bunch of little steps.  That “Big Step” becomes simply… the NEXT step.

Think about that for a second.  That choice of a college, a spouse, a house, what church to go to etc… they all tend to be significant choices.  How many times are we in a situation where we just don’t know how to make the decision.  We pray about it and we talk to people about it, but so often it is on this DECISION.  But when we stop to think about it… just HOW do we make those decisions?  Where do we find peace in it?  If you’re like me and it feels like a Big Step, then we probably have a few more little steps to go.

The thought I had was that, when we feel uneasy, apprehensive or anxious over some big decision or step in our lives we need to stop and take our focus from the “big step” to our Savior and ask what little steps need to be taken first.  When we walk down a road that we shouldn’t be walking down, there’s anxiety there.   I don’t know about you, but I have struggled with any number of big decisions, but the BEST decisions (the ones that work out and don’t backfire on us big time) are often ones that we have a lot of confidence in.  Why?  We’ve thought it out, sought counsel, been in prayer and as we take each step to answer the questions, we find the “leap of faith” becomes a simple act of obedience.  If that anxious feeling just won’t go away, we may not have only missed a few steps, we may be walking down the wrong road.

So anytime you’re feeling pressured to take a big step – take a step back and see how well you’ve walked in the little steps.  If you haven’t followed through, haven’t prayed about it, haven’t found advice and help you can trust, then chances are pretty good that you are taking a BIG STEP.  In my experience if when I feel that way, I’m usually in trouble.  If you have approached the step with the wisdom that comes through walking down the right road and taking every step – then it’s not a big step – it’s just simply… the NEXT Step.

Do you have any thoughts or examples on this idea?

Blessings to you as you be the blessing!

Mike Westendorf

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