The Future of TPOG - a student perspective

Hello, my name is Jacob Sheahan and I am a senior at Milwaukee School of Engineering pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering. I am writing to you today on behalf of The Point of Grace, or TPOG as we know it. TPOG offers a safe environment for me and others – both WELS and otherwise, to discuss our faith, to ask questions, and to simply bond with fellow students. One of the best parts is that I know that the friendships I have made from TPOG will carry over long after I graduate

As you may be aware, The Point of Grace was decommissioned as a church in mid-February of this year. For most churches this would be the end; they can serve no greater purpose to their members and must bid them farewell. However, it seems to be quite the opposite in our current situation. The main purpose TPOG seeks to serve is campus ministry – a bridge from the foundation based on God’s Word instilled at area Lutheran high schools to after graduation and beyond. This vision has only intensified since that time. I would like to share with you my experience with one of the new outreach events that was implemented this year called “The Gathering”.

The main idea behind The Gathering is to offer an open discussion on contemporary topics on different campuses around Milwaukee and to introduce parallels to God’s Word. Last month MSOE hosted The Gathering entitled “My Life of Crime”. We were led by Seminary student Luke Thompson in exploring why people enjoy shows like Dexter or Breaking Bad, where the main characters live a secret double-life that no one knows about. The parallel was that we all have secrets that we hope no one ever finds out, but God knows and he forgives us in spite of them. This style of presentation was particularly effective because it is interesting to my generation (if you will); it tied to God’s Word, but certainly did not force it upon anyone. It offered a taste of what we believe in the hopes that it might intrigue some of the guests and visitors to ask questions and attend Bible studies. I certainly would feel comfortable bringing my friends regardless of their religious background

The next step in TPOG’s vision of campus ministry is to institute a Collegiate Council. This council would consist of members from various Milwaukee colleges, as well as a few seniors from area Lutheran high schools. The members of this council would be responsible for planning and executing monthly Gatherings and acting as liaisons between campus ministry and their respective schools. More importantly perhaps is that they would provide a means of communication between their home congregation and Milwaukee campus ministry

I have found TPOG and its ministry to be invaluable to my faith throughout college. I hope that you will keep TPOG in your thoughts and prayers as it seeks to achieve its vision: the bridge between high school and post-graduation!

Jacob R. Sheahan

MSOE student - class of 2013

TPOG Admin