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Associated Pregnancy Services

Associated Pregnancy Services has been serving women and men in the metro-Milwaukee area since 1982. They exist to provide education and support as well as practical assistance to anyone facing a possible unintended pregnancy. All services including pregnancy tests, accurate information, and community referrals are provided free of charge. They have several locations around the Milwaukee area, including one at The Point of Grace.

All too often, we find ourselves dealing with temptations and the effects of brokeness around us. When the tough times come, who will help you stand firm in Christ? Mike Westendorf shares a chapel recorded at Wisconsin Lutheran High School that serves as one of the key purposes of campus ministry in the lives of college aged people:


The topic of Evolution and Creation remains a hot buttom issue, especially in the face of comments from Bill Nye asserting that creationist thinking will doom the intellectual and financial ranking of the United States. Jay Seegert takes a quick look at 4 key questions around the Evolution/Creation debate in an easy to understand 13 minute video.

If you had a few months to live, how would you live? As a Christ follower will the words "why do you cry, he has only fallen asleep", be a comfort?

Ever have a friend like Stacy? Did you ever feel like Dennis? You are fearfully and wonderfully made!