Our History


WELS Campus Ministry has been active on the East side of Milwaukee for almost 40 years, and until recently, under the leadership of the Milwaukee Federation of Churches, has increased it's presence to include UW-Milwaukee, MSOE, Marquette and a developing relationship with Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Over the past several years, God has grown and stretched the mission and vision of The Point of Grace as we have, like so many others, been riding the waves of an up and down economy, changing culture and technology along with the changing needs of our students and non students in the 18-25 age range.

We have enjoyed a history that included a full time pastor and worship space and an opportunity to impact lives through those resources and facilities.  God has seen fit to reduce our staff and facility size of late and has blessed us to now move in the ministry direction of "The Gathering" model for Campus Ministry that we are in the process of developing. 

It is our prayer that through the successes and the opportunities to fail forward, God will bring about a ministry that will connect students coming from High School, walking with them and their deepening and doubting faith in the college years, to a vibrant family and congregational life wherever God calls them in the future.

We pray too, that you would be willing to be part of the rich history of Campus Ministry in Milwaukee and that you would help, join your voice and story of God's faithfulness to us, so that we might simply make that faithfulness known on our college campuses and churches in Milwaukee.