Support The Point of Grace Campus Ministry


Since our expansion into full time ministry, we have been able to reach out to students and families at multiple campuses around Milwaukee and beyond. Many people and organizations have given generously of their time, talents and treasures to help keep our ministry going and growing. Our deepest appreciation and thanks to all of you have have invested in these young men and women! Please read some of our student blogs and testemonials to hear from the students how your support is impacting them for Jesus sake!

A partnership supported and well funded campus ministry has the ability to have an incredible impact on the lives and hopes of not only the young men and women at college and in the work place, but also local churches and schools, dorm rooms and families. We have set up two forms of formal partnership for you to consider as ways to support Campus Ministry.

Individual Partnership for individuals and families,

Organization Partnership for churches and other organizations.

Monitary Donations

For financial donations directly to The Point of Grace Milwaukee Area Campus ministry you can contact our Ministry Administrator Mrs. Lois York-Lewis at 414-963-2047 or

You can also contact Pastor Aaron Strong, Board of Directors President at

Checks should be made to "The Point of Grace" or "TPOG"

Donations can also be made online via QGiv.

Promote Campus Ministry in Milwaukee

We would love it if you could print out our poster for TPOG Campus Ministry and place it in your church and school bulletin board and guidance areas so that parents, students, grand parents and future students can learn more about Campus Ministry in Milwaukee. Click on the poster for a full size printable image.

A Message From a Ministry Supporter

I am currently a professor of political science at the University Wisconsin-Stevens Point. My association with this ministry began about three years ago. I wanted to locate a ministry that demonstrated a commitment to helping mentally disadvantaged individuals. I found it in The Point of Grace. However, my association did not stop there. I soon participated in other activities and became a member rather quickly and attended worship services at the church. I then participated on a frequent basis in music related activities associated with the ministry.

I cannot say enough good things about this ministry, the people, and the time I have spent there. I have made lifelong friends, saw lives changed on a consistent basis, and heard the gospel preached in a contemporary setting though firmly based on the rich traditions of the WELS synod. This is a ministry that is sorely needed given its emphasis on striving to provide the best possible environment for young people to grow spiritually in a culture that needs radical transformation. I’m proud to be a continual partner of this ministry and can’t wait to see where God is leading us next.

- Jeffrey Guse