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Evolution/Creation - A Case from Science

  • Grace Center 250 East Juneau Avenue Milwaukee, WI, 53202 United States (map)

Guest Speaker: Jay Seegert

It is often claimed that living in an age of modern science making it intellectually impossible to accept the straight-forward account of creation as read in the book of Genesis. Is this true, or is this just what we are "suppose to believe"? What does the evidence actually indicate? "Creation vs. Evolution: The Case from Science" is an exciting presentation (in layman's terms) of evidences for creation and challenges to evolution in three main areas: origin of the universe, origin of life, and origin of species.

Audio recordings:

  • "Evolution/Creation - A Case from Science" - part 1
  • "Evolution/Creation - A Case from Science" - part 2
  • "Evolution/Creation - A Case from Science" - Q/A
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