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God Changed My Mind: My Battle with Rare and Deadly Brain Cancer

  • MU Cudahy Hall (Room 001) 1313 West Wisconsin Avenue Milwaukee, WI, 53233 United States (map)

Guest Speaker: Jill Kanzenbach

Jill Kanzenbach grew up in a picturesque little town on the banks of the Mississippi, Prairie du Chien. She has a loving family and a wonderful and handsome husband, Matt. She learned all about Jesus and his infinite love at Luther Prep. School, and Martin Luther College. She has had some great jobs, not including teaching, even though she graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Education in 2005. Jill has done everything from selling overpriced purses to wealthy women, to telemarketing concert tickets for a local police department. She now lives in Columbus, WI, a town filled with historic homes and newly built Zion Lutheran Church, where her husband teaches 5th - 6th grade.

Her life was always pretty easy and wonderful. Until soon after college, Jill was diagnosed with one of the most lethal kinds of cancer. She was about to die within the next fourteen months with a brain tumor taking away each sense, one at a time. Cancer is far from easy and wonderful. For her, it involved 4 brain surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, mouth sores, C. diff. (don't ask, it is terrible, ... eeek!), countless M.R.I.s, and three experimental drugs, one caused her skin to turn green and one gave her constant diarrhea. Yet, Jill is still alive and smiling, eight years later, and can't wait to talk about her experiences as a walking and talking miracle from God.

Main Points

  • How did God change Jill's mind?
  • How is Jill different than Brittany Maynard?
  • Why did God allow Jill to live?
  • What should I do when I see my life or that of others, falling apart?